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Home / Resources / JMST Toppers, Leasing & Hiring of Club Dinghies
Home / Resources / JMST Toppers, Leasing & Hiring of Club Dinghies

JMST Toppers, Leasing & Hiring of Club Dinghies

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Background to Leasing initiative for 2020 ( full overview can be found on this link)

The Club has offered for many years the free use of all Club owned boats including the Toppers awarded to the Club via the JMST programme. Year on year there has been a mixed uptake of these Boats via the booking system. However, following a review of the last two years there has been a downturn in the regular utilisation of these dinghies by Juniors and Adults. In addition, the dinghies have often been left dormant or parts borrowed. This has led to additional financing when preparing the dinghies for the Training or RTC Inspections. The Club covers the insurance for every Club owned dinghy.

We have therefore looked at other Club models for leasing and hiring that have more beneficial and successful outcomes. As a Pathway Club we offer not only the sail training to all ages, but also we offer race coaching. In the past this has been most successful when juniors have had

a) their own dinghy or b) JMST Topper and c) regularly assigned dinghy to take part in the coaching sessions.

The Club resources are not being regularly utilised other than for activities at Friendly Friday Sailing evenings. As much as the Club wishes to continue with these evenings, we require dinghies to be utilised for the purpose of sailing and the ongoing development of all individuals. We need to ensure that the actual sailing is fun and dinghies are treated with respect and care as valuable club assets.

We wish to see more members on the water more often and Club resources regularly utilised. The focus we believe will be provided if a member has a temporary assigned resource via a leasing option.

Background to JMST Toppers at the Club

In late 2013, the John Merricks Sailing Trust and RYA awarded CAYC a Topper and then a further Topper in Nov 2014 to promising young sailors who would not normally have had the opportunity to progress within the sport. The first Topper loan having been completed had reverted back to CAYC in order for its use as part of the club fleet to encourage additional young sailors to sail and develop their skills. The Sailing Committee made the decision to continue to offer a JMST within the Club by a further loan of one season to a deserving young member. Two further members of the Club were successful in attaining a JMST Topper. These have now reverted back to the Club. The oldest Topper may revert into the Club's fleet. This continues to be under review and subject to the number of Applications received.

The opportunity to lease the Club's JMST Toppers is now open for Applications:

  1. Please read the Notice of Selection - Word (Download) / PDF - Download. This provides you with an overview of eligibility and the criteria that the young sailor needs to meet and the support the Parent also needs to offer.
  2. Application Form -Word (Download) / PDF - Download. Complete this fully (requires input by the young sailor and Parent) send to by Monday 16 March


1.Deadline for Application submissions: Monday 16 March @ 19:00.

2.The Application will be acknowledged by return.

3.The Selection Committee will provide confirmation of a successful Application by Saturday 21 March 19:00.

4.The successful Applicant must complete the payment and sign-off by Monday 23 March.

Other Leasing Options:

The Club has a number of other boats which members may lease this year at varying costs due to the dinghies' age and condition.

N.B. Costs are for the Club sailing season not for a full 12 months as per the JMST Topper programme.

  • 1 x Topper (JMST) if not allocated in the JMST programme: £100
  • 1 x Topper: £50
  • 2 x RS Feva XL: £100
  • 2 x Laser: £100 & £50

Application Form: (Word- Download / PDF - Download ) - the same timescales apply to facilitate anyone who wants to sail in the Spring Series Or use the form for "Spring Trial" @ £20

Selection criteria is on the Overview Page as per link above.

If these are not leased there will be a shorter term Hire option and this is also described on the link

The rest of the Club's Fleet of dinghies may be borrowed using the existing booking system.
New procedures will be announced shortly that apply to the following:

  • 5 x Optimist
  • 2 x Pico
  • 2 x RS Vision
  • 1 x GP14


Last updated 20:48 on 11 March 2020

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